There are many pathways to the gaining of knowledge; drawing is the major guiding

concept of the works in this exhibition.  the immediate, imaginative, subjective, analytic,

narrative and investigative.  Media and  Craft intertwine in applied drawing in ceramics

and craft applied found objects, photography and assemblages

what we see we understand;    what we do we know.

Showing in the 12th century Crypt the juxtaposition of contemporary and ancient is

fully explored in the video “Drawing as an Architecture of Space”. by Anna winter

ARTISTS:: A.Forrest, C.Ingrams,P.Latham,P.Bartholomew RunaykerT.Walsh,S.Wiegand,


GUEST ARTISTS: Victor Bowley, Photography; Joyce Corbett,Assemblages of found objects;

Pam James, Ceramics, Elizabeth Claridge.Ink works on paper.