Alumni of Camberwell School of Art majoring in Painting and Weaving and Professional Development at the University of the Arts.

Following some years as visiting Summer lecturer in painting and studio practice at University of Anglia founded and curated the Linchpin Gallery of Contemporary Art and Culture in Eastbourne from 2011-2014.

A short biography in Who’s Who in Art, ed. Charles Baile de Laperriere.

Irene is a member of:

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  • D.A.C.S.
  • A.R.S. NY.

International Exhibitions include:

  • British Artists in New York, “NY2000AD”.
  • FRAC Albert, Picardie, France.
  • Stadtiches Museum, Gelsenkirchen, Germany.
  • Artworks in University of Technology Sydney.
  • Our Lady of Dolours, London W2.
  • London Borough of Camden Permanent Collection.
  • Hallfield School, London W2
  • Works in private collections in UK, EU, Australia, Barbados, South Africa, USA.


Publications include:

  • Camberwell: Its Students and Tutors 1945-60,
    Antique Collectors Club, Woodbridge;
  • Edgell Rickword, by Charles Hobday, Carcarnet Press;
  • Paper on Runayker and Mary Titcombe,
    19th century Boston artist –a Post doctoral paper by Dr.Maria Tamboukou, University of East London .



Talks at:

  • Whitechapel A/G and U.E.L for British Sociological Association of UK
  • New Perspectives on Education and Culture for the Educational & Social Research Council, coordinators Prof. Jocey Quinn, Plymouth University, and Dr. Kim Allen, London Metropolitan University and Manchester



Life: Anarchic wandering (urban); Seasonal knitting; Languages; Serendipitous encounters; Reading (Walking Talking Book club); Eastbourne Poetry Group, Reading and analysis of poetry; Journal keeper; Random cooking for friends; Music. Travelling with my family and get togethers.