Calligrafs, an osmosis of graffiti and calligraphy as a form of abstract script; painting as performance, gesture as guarantee of presence. The charm of mark-making on a prepared Colour Field following an unknown trail its destination only revealed as the work ends.
Tags: mark-making, script, gesture, Hans Hartung, Mark Tobey.
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Dab printing also known as right-printing and frottage. Developed in ancient China to make copies of inscriptions or pictures cut into stone, wood or clay bricks, paper laid over and ink, paint or carbon rubbed onto the paper and thereby creating a right reading of the image.

The works here are of a 1906 workshop floor where the concrete surfaces had been pitted and moulded by 100 years – garden shed, laundry, child’s playroom, the domestic use of people whose histories are literally “written in stone”.
Ref:David Barker: “Contemporary Chinese Printmaking”
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Places and Spaces

Art Informel, a fleeting record, memory of gesture, time ….ideas without reflection. Art informel translates to Art without Form yet layering of media, becomes ideate – as in thought layering of space where the “strings” of string theory exist in what Paulhan expressed (as art informel) as “an obscure half-world” which erupting into the visual becomes Place.
Ref: performance,topology, Tapie,li, tachism

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