three poetic enquiries three artists and friends who live by the sea, Irene Runayker, Solveigh Goett and Jane Montague . Prose and poetic enquiries into the nature of water and its meaning to us.… Read More

Ways to wander the Gallery;  book of walking scores .   Drawing from a series of workshops at Tate Modern, conceived by Claire Hind and Claire Qualmann asks you to reconsider your walked relationship with art through their concept of Walking Score. This book is an invitation to try different ways to wander in and well beyond… Read More

There are many pathways to the gaining of knowledge; drawing is the major guiding concept of the works in this exhibition.  the immediate, imaginative, subjective, analytic, narrative and investigative.  Media and  Craft intertwine in applied drawing in ceramics and craft applied found objects, photography and assemblages what we see we understand;    what we do we… Read More

Ways to Wander by Clare Qualmann and Claire Hind, Pbd Triarchy Press  2015 An invitation to the many Ways to Wander. Produced by artists involved with the Walking Artists Network…and beyond.  To join these 54 intriguing  encounters sharing with friends or to satisfy your own wander instinct encourages a different look at surroundings and environment. … Read More